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What are the virtues that make a brand's communications rise above the rest?
Originality, for one. Quality is another. But to truly work, and not end up as a vessel for overdone clichés, design that is honest to the brand consistently outlives the competition.

Namita Sekhar Design Studio is founded on a firm belief in integrity as a core approach to branding
and communication, and this shows in every aspect of our process from concept to production.

Since 2005, the studio has built a reputation for creating intelligent, exciting, and effective visual solutions that reflect the client's vision while being true to brand values - all through a reliable, timely,
and systematic approach.

Now, what can we do for you?

Brand Identity + Naming
Website Design + Development
Advertising + Print
Graphic User Interface + Mobile App Design
Exhibition + Event Design

To find out how great your brand can really be, contact us today.


Ador UPS

Identity & Web

Identity Design for Ador UPS

Revitalizing the image of Ador UPS - an Unlimited Power Supply offshoot from the 60 year old, well established power electronics company AdvaniOerlikon Ltd. - required a fresh, energetic identity. To this end a strong, bold logo using the concept of an 'A' formed by a star, connoting eternal light, was created. The lines zip around with energy that is always on the move, while the subtle gradients give the shape 3-dimensionality and a sense of depth. The logo was combined with the type from another presented option, while the slogan was chosen to reflect superlativity in providing a comprehensive solution.

Batra Group

Print & Web

Identity Design for the Batra Group

This identity was created for a family-run group that controls a portfolio of fitness related apparel and equipment brands. Several identities were created as options that would reflect the group's long history and its adherence to classic values. Eventually the client decided on an option inspired greatly by the family crest, which includes the group's motto in Devanagiri script. The new identity was accompanied by a subtle and classic palette of ivory, subdued gold, and grey, and a font that conveyed the gravity and history surrounding the group. The new visual identity has been incorporated into all aspects of the company, from stationery to office design and online presence.


Visual Identity, Branding, Print, Packaging, & Web

Visual Communications for Hush India

Over the course of a long-term design relationship with Hush India, I engineered a reformation in the brand's visual communications strategy, including everything from refining the company's corporate identity and brand tone, advertising campaigns to point of purchase collateral, in-house material, in-store and window displays, direct mailers, e-newsletters, website, and actual product packaging. In addition, I assisted the company's executives in systematizing their marketing efforts towards their target audience. The response to the new face of Hush's advertising communications was overwhelmingly positive, translating directly into an increase in footfall and new client inquiries. Above and following is a sampling of various pieces designed and produced for Hush.

Sunburn Festival

Event & Stage Design

Sunburn Festival 2009, Goa - Event / Stage Design

Coming on board as Creative Consultant and Designer for Percept D'Mark was a true challenge. The creative brief was 2 words long: Electric Circus. The timeframe: 1 month. From that point on, the project was a creative rollercoaster, which was appropriate for the final visual outcome, viewed by more than 10,000 attendees. I conceptualized, presented, and ultimately created set designs, graphic elements and a color palette that would be extended across 3 stages, umbrellas, flags, and more. The result was a visual sensation nothing less than a feast, with stages that were incomparable to anything before experienced at Sunburn - and the country.


Print, Advertising, Exhibition & Digital

Advertisement Design for Cryolor

A leading name in in equipment and services for distribution and storage of cryogenic gases approached me for the design of their monthly advertisements in a major industry magazine. After creating a visual language which was necessary to tie together all of the advertisements, I proceeded to create ads that reflected the overall theme of the magazine. The ads were very well received and commented on by the client and audience, leading to several other projects for the client such as online visuals and other marketing and exhibition collateral.


Web & Android App

Android App Design for BetterThanCash by Idmission

This design was created for an Android-focused money exchange and coupon application from Idmission. Having already created the BTC identity specifically for use in the application, I extended the concept to the app and created a consumer-oriented graphic interface with some gravitas to reflect the fact that it is not merely a coupon app alone, but works in conjunction with bank accounts as well.

Icosystem Corporation

Web & User Interface

Social Network Design for Silicon Valley Bank

Having enjoyed a long and fruitful working relationship with Icosystem Corporation since 2005, I was approached by the company in 2012 to design aninterface that brought together several of the company's technologies in an expansive network site for SVB, targeted towards investors and start-ups. In keeping with the end client's industry and brand palette, I created a slick, minimal, efficient interface that put the most important information front and center, with expandable tabs for secondary information. The design assisted greatly in making Icosystem's software more accessible to SVB, and according to Icosystem, the project was accepted "in no small part" due to the design's extremely positive reception by SVB during presentation.

The Providore

Identity & Web

Identity for The Providore

This logo and the following website design is for a fine food and wine store in Pune. The client desired a logo that would be elegant and contemporary, and would convey what The Providore stands for to anybody passing by for the first time. The packaging budget had to be kept at a minimum, so a logo that could be screenprinted in one color onto white paper bags was necessary. To all of these ends I created a stark, clean, black and white logo that is at once stylish, appealing, and approachable, with a touch of whimsy in the replacement of characters with silhouettes - perfect for a place where food and drink are the focus, and with endless branding possibilities to extend to packaging and location decor.


Print, Apparel, Event & iPhone App

Visual Communications Design for Submerge

As part of a three-year retainer position for Submerge, India's most recognizable name in electronic dance music (EDM) events and also the country's biggest online EDM resource, I designed several flyers, flash banners, newsletters, signages, and more. The challenge in creating these designs (...contd)

London Business School Healthcare Club


Website Design for London Business School Healthcare Club

The London Business School Healthcare Club needed a new website that would integrate information about its annual Healthcare Club Conferences as well as general resource about the club itself, along with updates, research material, and a means to join. The website had to be designed and built in such a way that it could be easily updated by club members in the future, and be presented in a professional and minimal way that would showcase the large amounts of information that needed to be present, such as event calendars and biographies of conference speakers. I designed a site with a signature red and blue palette that identifies the club as being part of LBS, and created a sophisticated look and feel that befits the nature of the client.


Identity, Web, Print, Packaging, & Store Design

Identity for Wonderchef by Sanjeev Kapoor

Helmed by the celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor, the Wonderchef brand brings high-end, high quality international cookware brands such as Ballarini, Peugeot, and Hurom to India through retail stores, television sales, and DTH distribution. The brand had heretofore only existed as a logo, without any focused or cohesive visual communication strategy, and the fast-growing company needed a new identity to take forward through plans of product and retail space expansion. To this end, I created a complete visual identity that included a new logo, website, branding templates and guidelines, packaging, and retail store concept. Additionally, I created the concept of a 'Seal of Confidence' that would tie in Chef Sanjeev Kapoor's image and quality promise to Wonderchef-sourced products, without taking away from the individual brands themselves.

Osian's Cinefan Festival


Website design Osian's Cinefan Film Festival

The team behind OCFF approached me to completely rehaul the design of their online presence, intending the site to eventually be on par with other major international film festivals in terms of content and presentation. Using the brand palette and elements of the Osian's logo to draw a parallel with this counterpart, I created a bright and bold interface that derived additional color and excitement from the film stills that made up the year's contenders.


iPhone App & Web

iPhone App Design for P.L.A.N

My client for this project requested a slick, easy-to-use interface design for his iPhone App, which focuses on making plans with friends while taking into account the vagaries of the modern, young, Indian social scene. As the app itself had not been completed at the time of briefing, there was scope to rework the app's navigation flow and add features to address gaps in the UX. To this end, I first created an app wireframe for the client, and then proceeded to design over that structure for the most optimal user experience. The final look and feel of the app is slick, warm, savvy, and efficient - perfect for the intended app user.

Clover Developers

Print, Advertising, & Digital

Hoarding design for Clover Developers

With several major properties located across Pune, Clover Developers needed a set of impressive marketing collateral designed for their latest office building project, Clover Metropole. The company wanted to convey their pride in the building and several unique aspects of the project's design. Towards this end, I created several hoarding designs that boldly proclaimed the building's larger-than-life presence, focusing on and enhancing key parts of the architecture for interest value and branding the entire project with a cohesive, professional, and sophisticated appeal. This branding was further carried through an extensive project brochure and and e-marketing campaign.


Identity & Print

Identity Design for RecipeMobile

The founder of a cellphone-optimized recipe website contacted me to create a simple, modern logo that would reflect the vegetarian and cellphone oriented nature of her website in time for an exhibition at the World Trade Center in Mumbai. She wanted the logo to appeal to a 20-40 year old audience, to look fresh and to match the red and green template of her current website. Upon her directions I also presented concepts that did not have an obvious cellphone graphic, which she ultimately decided to go with in order to use the identity for her catering business as well.


Ador Powertron, A Division of Advani Oerlikon Ltd.   (Mumbai)
Audi Mumbai West   (Mumbai)
Agorapulse   (France)
Batra Group   (Mumbai)
Clover Developers   (Pune)
Cryolor   (France)
Dar Si-Hmad   (Morocco)
DolmatConnell & Partners   (USA)
Hush India Pvt. Ltd.   (Mumbai)
Icosystem Corporation   (USA)
Idmission   (Mumbai)
London Business School Health Care Club   (UK)
Marc Allen Inc.   (USA)
Osian's Connoisseurs of Art Pvt. Ltd.   (Mumbai)
Percept India   (Mumbai)
The Providore   (Pune)
Submerge Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.   (Mumbai)
Sanjeev Kapoor's Wonderchef   (Mumbai)
Tytan Organics Pvt. Ltd.   (Mumbai)
VRV Group   (Italy)


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